Making Your Wedding Reception Grand Entrance a Grand Show

Making Your Wedding Reception Grand Entrance a Grand Show

Make the Grand Entrance a Grand Show!

Why not make the Grand Entrance into the Reception a bit of a show!

Plan with the DJ/MC (me!) to play individual snippets of songs for each couple being announced in at the start of the reception – make the songs funny, or have them suggest a funny thing about the couple (for example – the Sopranos theme or Godfather for a Really Italian father!). All the guests will get the joke and understand that this will be a fun wedding.

Also, you can have your Bridal Couples dance  ทางเข้าจีคลับ (Vogue) in to their songs. OR, if they’re Sports Nuts, have each couple act out a Sport Scene (maybe the guy sends the girl out for a football pass, or he’s the caddy and hands her an imaginary club!). Things like this really get the crowd involved, and start off a great reception.

Or… Make an Italian Grand Entrance!

This is an easy one, but very effective, since you always want to involve ALL the guests in your reception activities. Of course you don’t have to be Italian to do this, but it can’t hurt!

Dean Martin works well here. Introduce the Bride and the Groom in to the song “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”. Once they’ve reached the center of the room, fade the music quickly. Then have the guests begin waving White Napkins while singing “That’s Amore” (you can provide small lyric sheets on the tables).


Have a Fun Twist on Introducing the Bridal Party! – Everyone knows that the Grand Announcements kick off the Celebration. I, with my “Amazing Voice (lol)”, really enjoy this part of the show. However, wouldn’t it be fun to have the Bride and Groom invite in their most loved friends?

All DJs use wireless microphones, so this is easy. Have the Bride and Groom hide in the doorway (where the Bridal Party is lined up) during the Grand Entrance Announcements, with the DJ by their side.

“From out of Nowhere” the Bride reads a little bio of a bridesmaid (or her parents), and passes the mic to the groom. He welcomes the groomsman who escorts the girl onto the dance floor. When the entire Bridal Party has been announced into the reception, the DJ appears and announces the Bride and Groom. Everyone rises, and you have a Grand Entrance Memory for all!

Or… Keep the Bridal Party Guessing during Grand Entrance! – Have the Bridal Party stand in a group – all mixed, by the door, waiting to be announced in. They have NOT been told what order they’ll walk in. Then, have the DJ read a brief set of facts about the couple that’s being announced in. No Names, just the facts! Make each fact less obvious at first, then get specific until that couple realizes it’s them, and rushes to the dance floor!

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