Aloe Vera For Hair Loss – A Hair Loss Treatment Plant

Aloe Vera For Hair Loss – A Hair Loss Treatment Plant

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that belongs to the family, Asphodelaceae. It is a very succulent plant that grows even in hot areas. In the use of natural/herbal treatment for any defect, aloe vera is the most versatile plant. In the past years till date, scientists and medical practitioners have tried to formulate medications for treating and reversing the loss of human hair. However, the historic and traditional use of herbs is still effective.

In fact, history made it known that Alexander Does aloe vera help scars  the Great fought and conquered some battles because of this plant.

This plant contains some useful nutrients such as minerals, proteins, vitamins A, C and vitamin E, amino acids, etc. These nutrients are excellent for treating hair. It is a plant that was used by the people of the archaic world. The causes of loss of hair are numerous. Some of these causes are extreme stress, genetics and heredity, prolonged illness, low iron level in the body, etc. It helps to moisturize the hair; it can also be used as a conditioner and natural shampoo. This plant has a soothing effect when applied to blisters, cuts and burns.

It can be used to treat the hair by extracting its juice or extracting gel from it. To extract the juice, cut off some leaves from the plant. Squeeze the leaves into a clean bowl. The extracted gel can be used as conditioners after shampooing the hair. Apply the gel to the hair, leave it for some time and then, wash it off.

This plant also helps to balance the pH of the scalp, heals damaged scalp, and prevents excessive loss of hair by cleaning the pores. It helps to cure dandruff which causes falling of hair. It has anti-inflammatory properties, thus; it helps to reduce scalp itching. When it is applied to the hair, it makes it curly. It balances the oil level of the hair. It also helps to revive resting cells in the hair follicles.

It can be mixed with other plants in several ways. It can be mixed with lemon, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. Aloe vera application to the hair should be done about two times daily for at least three months in order for effectiveness. It should be applied to the root of the hair. With its numerous advantages, in some rare cases, using the plant can cause allergic reactions.

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