CNA Certification for Lucrative Nursing Jobs

CNA Certification for Lucrative Nursing Jobs

Are you interested in a job where you are paid just for caring for others? If yes, then the profession of a nursing assistant is one of the best options for you to choose from.

A nursing assistant is an individual, who is hired by EKG Tech Certification Online several health care centers and nursing homes in order to take care of patients in the best possible way. More and more hospitals are looking for the properly trained and certified nursing assistants and hence, it can be said that there is a tremendous career scope for students who are planning to enter in the field of nursing. The reason for this rise in demand for nursing assistants is the sudden increase in the number of old age and ill people who are dependent on others for their smallest activity.

Generally, the reputed and known hospitals give preference to the candidates who are properly trained and certified in the nursing field. As far as the CNA training is concerned, almost all states have a number of community colleges and high schools offering several programs on nursing. These sessions familiarize the individuals with the basic nursing skills along with some specific skills too.

Based on this learning, the students are supposed to give the CNA certification exam. The main features of this exam are as under:
• Comprises of 2 stages- a written test followed by a skill test
• While the written test is conducted to analyze the basic nursing skills, skill test is meant for the purpose of checking the specific skills possessed by the applicants
• A minimum of 80% score is needed to pass the certification exam of nursing.

There are many advantages of becoming certified such as, a wide range of job opportunities offering salaries in the range of $24000 to $34000 annually. Also, many other incentives are offered to the certified nursing assistants. Hence, obtaining CNA certification is fully beneficial in all respects.

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