How To Have A Hypnotic Voice: And The Effect It Has On Your Life

How To Have A Hypnotic Voice: And The Effect It Has On Your Life

A critic of mine recently told a colleague of mine that Adam Eason (that is me) “likes the sound of his own voice.” Damn right I do!

So I want to tell you how and why I say that response.

If I was just about to take you into hypnosis, and if I then screeched to you “Ok, relax will ya, go into hypnosis” in a shrill voice with a hard to understand manner, do you think you would respond by relaxing and going into hypnosis? I am guessing that my voice being like this is unlikely to aid the hypnotic process.

Our voice is a tool that can be used in so many various Christian Death  aspects of our life; at work, at home, with friends, family and colleagues and more. The way we use our voice influences how people react to us and behave with us.

To be a good hypnotist, it is important that you practice your hypnotic voice before working with a subject. Some hypnotists use a soft monotone which bores me, others use a sing song voice, and yet others use a natural but slower and lower tone of voice to induce a hypnotic trance. Us hypnotists then even suggest when speaking to our hypnotic subjects that “My voice is very soothing and relaxing to you”. We do not always actually say those words; rather we intimate that with the way we use our voice.

How you use your voice creates a reaction to everyone you communicate with and it can be used to your advantage with stunning results. Imagine if you had a hypnotic voice, how would that affect different circumstances and events that you found yourself in?

Before I write about how to develop such a voice, I do recommend that you keep congruent. It is good to model a hypnotist or other successful hypnotists and do listen to good quality hypnotists and how they use their voice, however, it is important that you maintain the essence of what is you. You must be true to who you are. You can be relaxing and soothing, in your own way too. You are not Paul Mckenna, you are not Adam Eason, so do not try to be them. Learn from how we use our voices, but remain true to your own style.

Tune in to the tonality that you feel comfortable with and that is going to get the best results for you. This often means talking in a relaxing, soothing way – slowly, with pauses, in a soft, low voice. You do not have to be Barry White, but you know what I mean here don’t you? Barry White was not exactly front cover magazine material, however, you know that he was extremely sensual, attractive and alluring thanks to the way he used his voice.

Not only was it deep and rich, it was often slow, considered and deliberate. It was purposeful and easy to listen to. Ex-James Bond Actor Roger Moore had a voice with very similar qualities. We can look at how actors, speakers and singers use their voices and we can use our own voices accordingly. These people speak from their tummies, they speak from their abdomen, not their throats, their noses or their chests.

I can remember being shown an exercise on a hypnosis training course with Richard Bandler once and we pointed to our noses, then our throats, our chests and abdomens while speaking from each of those places: The difference was amazing and how everyone reacted to the sounds made was even more amazing.

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