Six Reasons Why You Should Send Someone an Ecard This Easter

Six Reasons Why You Should Send Someone an Ecard This Easter

Easter is fast-approaching and, even for people who don’t take part in religious celebrations, this time of year means coming together as a family, enjoying a nice meal and, of course, going on an Easter egg hunt. It’s also a time of year  birthday ecards when it seems right to reach out to those who can’t spend the day with us – old friends, family members who have moved abroad and pals who have packed their bags and gone travelling. Luckily, with modern technology, it’s not too difficult to keep in touch with people who don’t live close by. One way in which people are doing this is by choosing to send greetings electronically as opposed to on paper. I thought it would be helpful, therefore, to investigate the benefits of sending ecards, particularly at Easter time:

1. Speed – As soon as you have clicked send, your ecard whizzes around the world and appears, almost instantly, in the inbox of the recipient – no dodgy international post service necessary.

2. Cost-effective – Most ecard websites charge only minimal subscription fees and, for the approximate cost of two printed ecards, you can send unlimited ecards for the duration of your membership.

3. Social – Many ecard websites will allow you to link your ecard account with your social media accounts. This allows you to access birthday reminders of your Facebook friends, post ecards on their wall and to send them ecards in a private message.

4. No last-minute panics – As mentioned in point number one, one of the benefits of ecards is that they arrive instantly in the inbox of the recipient. This means that even if you forget that it’s someone’s birthday until the last minute, you can instantly send a card to them and they will be none the wiser that it their birthday had momentarily slipped your mind.

5. Interactive – Many ecards, especially those aimed at children, are interactive games meaning that they are a fun, quirky way of sending your greetings.

6. Eco-friendly – one of the biggest advantages of sending ecards is that they are extremely environmentally friendly. No resources are needed to manufacture the cards and, unlike paper cards, they don’t need to be sent by air, land or sea. For businesses, therefore, they’re an effective way of lowering carbon emissions.

At this time of year many of the Easter ecards on offer perfectly evoke the feeling of spring. Images of tulips, pink cherry blossom and daffodils abound and many of the Easter ecards are painted in Springtime hues – sunshine yellows, fresh greens, sky blue and light sunset purples. Additionally, most ecard sites will allow you to customise the cards to include your own personal message. So this Easter, reach out your loved ones who you can’t spend the day with and send them a beautiful, thoughtful, Easter ecard.

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