Become A Genius By Improving Your Brainpower

Become A Genius By Improving Your Brainpower

There are three main areas that you will need to work on if you want to raise your intellectual ability as high as you can. These are the areas of mental training, exercise and diet improvement.

Use The N Back Training Method

A fantastic way to improve your overall IQ, by how to be a genius  up to twenty points over time is to use the “N Back” training method. This was invented at the University of Michigan by a team of academic researchers, and it is a multi-tasking method with lots of different benefits. It works multiple areas of your mind, and is designed to enhance problem solving, logical ability and related areas.

The technique is difficult to get your head around at first, but repeated use will gradually lead to familiarity and better growth for whatever you want to achieve.

Meditate On A Regular Basis

Regular here means at least thirty minutes per week. When meditating, close your eyes and focus your thoughts. This allows you to calm the inner workings of your mind, making you much more clearer and optimistic on the inside. Your success in whatever you wish to accomplish relies on mental proficiency and productivity which meditation can create.

Any type of meditation is suitable so there is no need to go for something specific, unless you do have a specific choice that interests you. The meditation should be used at a time when you are not likely to fall asleep.

There are at least 600 studies which show the benefits of meditation, so this is something you should try right away.

Improve Your Diet And Exercise

Two time tested tools for improving in any area of life is to exercise and improve your nutrition. The exercises you do will help to increase blood flow, nutrients and oxygen transport to the brain. When this is done, you will feel more you can achieve anything. For diet, try consuming lots of fruit and vegetables, taking smaller meals and consuming a multi-vitamin.

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