Hearing Aids Review

Noise suppression, background noise reduction, feedback suppression, automatic volume 助聽器推薦, push button presets that can be programmed for different environments, (work, noisy areas, movies etc) are some of the capabilities. I don’t think the sound quality is that big a deal. An analog circuit in my opinion sounds just as good as most digital circuits. Again your over the counter hearing aid experience will pay off. Always remember your primary objective. If you go in to buy a pick up, don’t get sold a Cadillac.

A hearing aid is a device worn in a hostile environment. Your ear creates wax that can damage the unit. You can forget and wear it in the shower, you can put it on the table and have the dog think it’s a treat, you can drop it in the toilet, you can get it wet in the rain, you can spray it with hair spray, you can lose it and on and on. These problems don’t care if the device cost $300 or $3000. Solve your hearing objectives for the lowest cost possible.

Using hearing aids successfully takes time and patience. Hearing aids will not restore normal hearing or eliminate background noise. Adjusting to a hearing aid is a gradual process that involves learning to listen in a variety of environments and becoming accustomed to hearing different sounds. Try to become familiar with hearing aids under non-stressful circumstances a few hours at a time. Before you buy a hearing aid, know the answers to these important questions:

Are there any medical or surgical considerations or corrections for my hearing loss?

Which design is best for my hearing loss?

What is the total cost of the hearing aid?

Is there a trial period to test the hearing aids? What fees are nonrefundable if they are returned after the trial period?

How long is the warranty? Can it be extended?

Does the warranty cover future maintenance and repairs?

Most importantly shop! Try as many devices and types of devices as you need to know what has the best chance to work for you within your budget. It took many years for your hearing to diminish to the point where you are seeking help, a few weeks or even months should not be your issue. You are making a lifestyle change that will have impact on your daily life and finances. Make sure to consider the cost of batteries and repair/servicing.

You are now prepared as you can be to make one of life’s most difficult lifestyle purchases. With what you have learned you can save hundreds and ever thousands dollars with an ALD or an over the counter hearing aid. You will also be able control your costs and save a lot of money on dispensed hearing aids.

I believe it should be your right to purchase hearing aids anywhere. As you know everybody’s ability to hear reduces as they age. Like our eyes, our ears age and provide less sound. With the advent of miracles drugs and better medical care we will all live longer and healthier lives. But there are no pills for the ears. Ready-made eyeglass magnifiers have been available for many years; no exams, medical waivers, fittings, and associated fees. The hearing industry has been and continues to be a highly regulated industry and by their own statistics they have sold about the same number of hearing aids (two-million) each year for the last decade or more while increasing the average cost per unit dramatically. Many of us (more than twenty- million) need hearing help and can not afford it. Better prepared consumers with the help of family and friends can find affordable help and over time the cost of hearing aids will become affordable.

Bruce Garry is a registered nurse with thirty years experience working in mental health and aged care. He has just two criteria for any health care intervention: it has to be effective and doable.

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