Step and Repeat Portable Banners

Step and Repeat Portable Banners

Summary: All about “step and repeat” banners: The perfect option for sponsored events where there are stationed photo ops.

For anyone who is in the events industry (and even those who aren’t), you will be familiar with the “red carpet” sponsor’s backdrop. A place where photos are taken which gives high visibility to the businesses logos on the background. These are a great area for the media to take pictures of event attendees to see who came along – and what they were wearing!

What are step and repeat banners?

Step and repeat banners are those red carpet style step and repeat backdrop backdrops. The name step and repeat comes from the fact that there is a repeating pattern on the all white backdrop. This will contain multiple sponsors and possibly the event name or logo too. They will usually carry up to around five different sponsor names.

Benefits of step and repeat banners

As mentioned previously, these types of banners are a great way for sponsors to get more visibility, and thus boost your sponsorship dollars. Depending on the event’s guest list and profile, pictures may pop up in trade magazines, newspapers, and websites, making it an attractive investment offer for sponsors to consider. You might like to approach current sponsors and see if they would like to add this as an option with their sponsorship package, or keep it in mind for future sponsors and packages.

Step and repeat portable banners are the ideal solution if you have a recurring event. This way they can be packed up when the day or evening finishes and stored away, ready to be brought out again for the next event. Otherwise they can be used simply for any event where affixing to the wall is not a great option. You will find this likely for the majority of venues, unless they have a dedicated banner wall already in use.


Because a photo op banner needs to be big enough to capture at least a couple, and accommodate for the tallest person, you will need to go big with your sizing. These types of banners are generally called a media wall, and come in sizes of 1.8m high (not recommended for height!), 2.4m high, and 2.9m tall. In general, you should choose the tallest size to account for all heights, and only go smaller if you definitely have a low ceiling and nowhere else to put the banner. These sorts of banners will usually come in a width of 2.2m wide.

Add a step and repeat pull-up banner to your event to both add a great backdrop for photos, as well as good way to pull in some extra sponsorship dollars.

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