Buying Flowers From a Fruit Stand or a Florist in Manhattan – The Pros and Cons

Buying Flowers From a Fruit Stand or a Florist in Manhattan – The Pros and Cons

If you live in the Big Apple, the decision of whether to buy flowers from a fruit stand or any of NYC’s florists will depend on the occasion and the amount of money you are willing to spend. There are times when a simple bouquet purchased from a fruit stand is all that you need. Yet, there are times when the services of a  buy CBD flower professional florist are required. In this article we shall attempt to provide information depicting the differences between both and then provide the pros and cons of each. We will also recommend 3 fruit stand locations with an outstanding flower selection, as well as 3 reasonable florists in Manhattan.

When you’re buying an arrangement for your anniversary or your friend’s first Broadway play, it’s better to take a moment to decide where you’ll be buying that bouquet from.

Fruit Stands in NYC

Most fruit stands in any big city have fresh flowers for sale. Though they do not offer elaborate floral designs, they do sometimes add some decorative paper, or even tie a ribbon for you, if you ask them nicely.


· Fruit stands can be seen on almost every block in Manhattan, especially between the Village area and 110the street. That makes them easily accessible to most of NYC’s pedestrian. Unlike a flower shop, the service is rather quick.

· Because they don’t usually carry fancy, exotic flowers, or ornate decorations, their flowers are, in most cases, more affordable than if purchased in a flower shop.

· There are in the city a select group of fruit stands, mostly on the Upper West-side of the city, who do carry an excellent selection.


· Fancy and other tropical flowers are not always available at fruit stands.

· Most fruit stands have their flowers displayed outdoors, non refrigerated and, therefore, exposed to the elements.

· Since fruit stand owners’ main business is selling fruits and vegetables, they aren’t usually trained in floral design and, therefore, one should not expect any fancy floral expertise that are usually found in regular flower shops.

· They do not do deliver or provide any extra service that most florists do, like wiring flowers anywhere in the world via FTD, Teleflora or 1800Flowers, for example.

Florists in NYC

If what you need is more than a basic bouquet, then you will most likely want to visit a florist. Just like fruit stands, you will find lots of flower shops in Manhattan, most of which are located between Tribeca and 125th street.


· Most florists in Manhattan are more adept at floral design. The majority carries a large selection of unique, tropical and exotic flowers and can create just about anything you might need for any event.

· Florists are also capable of handling large orders. Wedding flowers or flowers for all occasions, for that matter, are their specialty.

· Florists usually have floral refrigerators to keep their flowers in an ideal levels of temperature and humidity.

· Reputable florists are also experienced enough to give advice to clients about their floral arrangements.

· Flower shops often have a system for delivering flowers around the corner and/or around the world


· Since they carry a larger, higher quality, selection as well as have trained designer on their payroll, they must offset the cost by charging more, especially in Manhattan where salaries are rather high.

· It may take you longer to find a florist than a simple fruit stand. Orders may also have to be reserved in advance if you can’t wait 30 to 60 minutes for your arrangement.

All in all, it depends on the purpose of the flowers and the occasion. If you need a bouquet of flowers for a non formal dinner, flowers from any fruit stand will do. If you want to buy in Manhattan high quality flowers at prices charged by fruit stands, below are 3 recommended places in the city where you can find them.

However, if the flowers are intended for any other occasion that require the expertise of a florist, your better choice will be to go to your favorite florist in NYC. Below we recommend 3 reliable florists in Manhattan that are rather reasonable.

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