How to Overcome Anxiety Without Drugs – The Real Secret to Curing Panic Attacks

How to Overcome Anxiety Without Drugs – The Real Secret to Curing Panic Attacks

If you are reading this, you want to know how to beat your anxiety and all the symptoms that accompany it.  You want to know what anxiety medications are available, and what alternatives there are to prescription drugs.  What you need to know is that it is absolutely possible to manage and overcome your anxiety without the use of drugs.

Chemical Imbalance

Mental health professionals and general xanax cena physicians commonly refer to conditions like anxiety and depression as a “chemical imbalance” in the brain.  The imbalance is treated with medication in an attempt to restore balance to mind and body.  The problem with this form of treatment is that the chemical imbalance approach is only a theory – not a fact – and patients are usually prescribed powerful drugs until the problem (hopefully) goes away.

In these situations, it is extremely easy for the patient to become addicted to the medication – especially to tranquilizers (Xanax, Ativan, Valium), which should be used only occasionally or for a short period of time.  Others become reliant upon SSRI’s (Paxil, Lexapro, Zoloft), often for years at a time, hoping to eventually correct this mysterious “chemical imbalance.”

The truth is, there is no test for chemical imbalance in the human brain, so the prescription of these medications is guess-work from the beginning.  And while prescription drugs my dull the senses enough to lessen the severity of panic attack symptoms, they do nothing to solve the problem that causes the panic attack in the first place.

Also, the process of stopping the drugs can be more traumatic than the condition for which they were prescribed, which can worsen anxiety in the long run.

Once the cycle of anxiety has begun, certain practical steps must be taken to end it.  While medication can be helpful in the initial process, it must be used in connection with other forms of therapy for the patient to actually stand a chance of overcoming anxiety.

An excellent form of counseling therapy is known as CBT – or cognitive behavioral therapy. This method teaches the patient to focus on the present, and to deal with anxiety in a practical manner.  The better the counselor, the better the results for the patient.

Personally, my anxiety was treated only with medication for years, and I became dependent upon Xanax.  The process of cleansing the drug out of my system was a nightmare, and as a result my anxiety became worse than ever.  I saw a number of therapists – most focused primarily on my past experiences, which did little to solve the problem.  I walked away with a clear understanding of what caused my anxiety, but without real tools to overcome it.

The best anxiety treatment is natural, behavioral therapy.

I was desperate to finally break out of my anxiety cycle, and had to solve the problem without using prescription drugs.  I finally found my answer: a program that is natural, powerful, and does not involve doctors or medications.  I learned what situations triggered my panic attacks and most importantly, how to change the way I respond to my fears.

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